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Defence of Camelot

Ideology and Intertextuality in the «Post-Classical» German Romances of the Matter of Britain Cycle


Neil Thomas

This work studies the transformations of the Arthurian legend on German soil from the late medieval period up to the threshold of the Renaissance. The following works are analyzed: Wigamur, the Arthurian trilogy of Der Pleier, Parzival, Der Jüngere Titurel, Diu Crône, the Prose Lancelot, the Tristan narratives, and Der Nüwe Parzival.
Contents: Male Cinderellas (the later Fair Unknown tradition); the Arthurian trilogy of Der Pleier; Visions of Salvation (Parzival, Jüngerer Titurel, Diu Cröne); Tristan, Lancelot and the Grail, Der Nüwe Parzifal.