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Southern Sudan

The Foundation of a War Economy

Mohamed Salih

Southern Sudan is little known to the world - especially in terms of its economic development. This book fills that gap of knowledge to some extent. Due to the persistence of war conditions (since 1955), economic analysis has been done together with the resultant dictates of war and destruction in the area. The sources of data and methodology have of necessity transcended conventional economics embracing political, social, etc. aspects. This multidisciplinarity in approach has enabled the author to provide the foundations for future development of Southern Sudan. The book thus offers a state of the art analysis of the war consequences on society, subsistence and their accompanying economic structures.
Contents: Origins of the present war - Preindependence state of the economy - Postindependence state of the economy - Position of Southern Sudan within the Sudan Economy - Development planning - The economy of war - War impacts and effects - the hidden economy - Economic embargoes.