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As Others See Us

Anglo-German Perceptions

Harald Husemann

This collection of articles shows that some media products ought to carry a mental health warning: Some school books still contain simplistic presentations of England and Germany. English and German journalists admit that the entertainment value of their articles sometimes takes precedence over impartial reporting. English children's books may contain a reasonable mixture of good and bad Germans but some wartime films needed more sinister types for propaganda. «Made in Germany» originated in English legislation as a label against German competition but became a German marketing tool. A minister in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet made unprintable remarks about Germany. When they were printed, the Ridley Affair proved to be the beginning of the downfall of Britain's controversial Prime Minister.
Contents: The image of England and Germany in schoolbooks, fiction, film, television and advertising - The press sometimes puts entertainment above impartial reporting - When a British Cabinet Minister's views on Germany proved too entertaining the Ridley Affair and Margaret Thatcher's downfall ensued.