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Food and Agricultural Policies under Structural Adjustment

Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists Hohenheim 1992

Franz Heidhues and Béatrice Knerr

After more than a decade of experience with structural adjustment programs, the Hohenheim-Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists «Food and Agricultural Policies under Structural Adjustment» brought together researchers and development experts to exchange research results and experiences; to explore alternative approaches that might be more effective for growth, institutional development and welfare; and to draw conclusions for food and agricultural policy design. The book consistently emphasizes that appart from agricultural prices non-price factors constitute in many countries the binding constraints to better agricultural performance. Improvements are needed in education, health, social services, transport and rural support institutions. Alleviating such constraints are longterm processes, and success cannot be expected overnight. At the same time, immediate actions are needed to protect the poor against negative effects of structural adjustment measures.
Contents: Structural adjustment policies and their impact on agricultural growth, rural institution building and poverty - What determines agricultural supply response? - How can the poor be protected against getting hurt by structural adjustment measures?