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Silent Churches

Persecution of Religions in the Soviet-Dominated Areas

Peter J. Babris

Through the aid of many institutions (e.g. Institutum Balticum, Radio Liberty Research, Radio Free Europe) and individuals the author has gathered a vast amount of factual information on the current state of religion in communist Eastern Europe. He has examined it warily and illustrates that the churches are not silent - the title is ironic but the faithful are all under siege, from peer pressure to outright murder, from confiscation of property to its destruction. Yet even the Soviets are beginning to discern that their faith cannot be crushed. The evidence presented is not only surprising, it is occasionally infuriating, namely the remaining silent of the World Council of Churches and his unblushing pro-Marxist supply of guerrilla factions in Africa. The author's efforts will have been worthwhile if the reader realises that freedom of religion is not guaranteed behind the Iron Curtain despite press releases to the contrary.