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Four Cultures of Education

Expert, Engineer, Prophet, Communicator


Walter Leirman

Traditionally, education is linked to teaching and instruction. The science of education has, however, to do with far more than the school. If that were the case, we would be located within only one culture of education. Looking at a wide range of fields, and a wide spectrum of different views and approaches to education, the author detects four different cultures: the expert culture based on rationality, the engineering culture oriented to technicity, the prophet culture calling for conscientisation, and the communicative one, based on experiential dialogue. The book concludes with a «postmodern» comparison of all four, and finds that none is 'the best'.
Contents: The postmodern confusion about education, rationality, technocentrism, value transmission and communicative action as basic foundations - Research paradigms - Analysis of projects in all major areas.