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The Talmudic Anthology in three Volumes

II. God: Issues of Theology


Jacob Neusner

This anthology sets forth, in three volumes, a selection of Talmudic discussions of problems of enduring social importance. Utilizing the categories that uniformly serve in the description, analysis, and interpretation of a religion that sets forth a theory of the social order, in this case, a Judaism, we ask about how the Talmud of Babylonia discusses topics concerning Torah, God, and Israel. Those categories in their native and classical setting speak of ø1! God's ø2! revealing the Torah ø3! to Israel the holy people. These categories may be represented by the secular words ø1! ethos, ø2! ethics, and ø3! ethnos. They correspond, in a religious system, to the world view, way of life, and social entity. In each case, there is an introduction to a discussion, which specifies how the ancient sages address an issue of acute contemporary consequence. The way in which the Talmud presents its authors' ideas on issues that concern humanity in the twenty-first century is laid out in the Talmud's own language and idiom.
Contents: Knowing God - Humanity's Suffering and God's Love - God's Prayers and Ours - Miracles. God's Intervention into History - Knowing God through Mystical Learning - The Rationality of the Sacred - Divine Justice: The Rule of Measure for Measure - Intentionality and Accepting God's Kingdom - Salvation: The World to Come and the Resurrection of the Dead - The End of Days.