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Long-term Final Energy Demand Analysis for Chile

Development and application of dynamic econometric and end-use static simulation models and their comparative analysis


Jaime Zuazagoitia

After the oil price crises of the 1970s and 1980s, the role of energy in the nations' socio-economic process has become important. Energy and environmental planning tools are necessary to manage both primary and final energy flows of a region and to control their corresponding air pollutant emissions. The basic goal of this study is to develop and to apply appropriate planning instruments for forecasting the future long-term final energy demand of Chile in order to answer elementary questions related to long-range energy and environmental planning. Two energy demand models with different methodological characteristics were developed and the Chilean final energy demand forecasted up to 2020.
Contents: Energy planning - Final energy demand - Energy demand models - Econometric and simulation models - Forecasting methodologies - Energy forecasting.