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The Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Dead and the Igbo Belief in the «Reincarnation»

A Systematico-Theological Study


John I. Obilor

This systematic theological study in comparative religion aims at finding ways of making the mission of the Church more effective in Igboland of Nigeria. Three methods were used: the main is expository and analytic, the focus is anthropological and the end-vision is a doctrinal and pastoral dialogue. The result is an assertion that a traditional religious belief like the ilo-uwa can be studied and evaluated theologically and offered healing by the Gospel message. Another result is an assertion that the Church must take inculturation seriously if it must witness to the cultures and peoples of Africa.
Contents: The Making of the Christian Belief in the Resurrection of the Dead - The Igbo and their Belief in «Reincarnation» - The Challenges of the Belief-in-ilo-uwa ('Reincarnation') to Christianity in Igboland - The Relevance and Future of ilo-uwa and the urgency for Inculturation.