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Return of Work, Production and Administration to Capitalism

Europe between Restructuring and Adaptation

Wiking Ehlert, Raymond Russell and György Széll

The problems of building the 'New European House' are still increasing. The East of Europe has to structure most of its elements of life and work: the West will discover more and more that the return of all of Europe to capitalism means to adapt to levels of development which will be most advanced in economics while living standards will stagnate or even deteriorate for many years to come. Specialists from different parts of the world and horizons contribute their analyses towards a better understanding of the crises, the development of new tools and concepts for a better world in the fields of Economy, Politics, Labour relations and Social systems.
Contents: European countries between restructuring and adaptation - Problem solving in the fields of Economy: market versus democracy - Labour relations versus participation - Social systems: social equality versus social differentiation - Politics: the nation-state versus civil society.