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The German Novel of 1800

A Study of Popular Prose Fiction


Manfred W. Heiderich

This study presents an account of all available extant novels of the year 1800 with a view to establishing the literary concerns and conventions that figure prominently in German popular literature towards the end of the 18th century.
This cross-cut in depth provides an overview in terms of types: the Gothic, satirical, love and adventure, character and education, and historical; and in terms of themes, methods and concerns, as exemplified by subcategories of the Gothic, satirical targets, middle class attitudes, and narrative approaches. Of special interest is the investigation of the Romantic influence on popular writers. In addition, this volume constitutes a handy reference work, permitting speedy orientation among and convenient access to the 126 novels that are discussed and categorized in the main body of the text and in four appendices.
Contents: Introduction - Aspects of the Novel in 1800 - The Gothic Novel in 1800 - The Satirical Novel - The Novel of Love and Adventure - Novels of Character and Education - The Historical Novel - Conclusion - Appendix - Bibliography.