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Inculturation Theology of the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15

An Inspiration for the Igbo Church Today


Mbachu Hilary

Inculturated evangelisation is the theme of the Jerusalem Council (JC) theology of Acts 15. All peoples are saved not by the observance of Jewish law and customs or of that of the carrier-culture of the Gospel message, but by faith and the grace of the Lord. By means of hermeneutical correlation of the JC theology to the present Igbo (Nigerian) Church, the author tries to show how the first century JC resolution of faith-culture conflict between the Jewish and Gentile cultures can be employed for the resolution of similiar faith-culture conflicts in the current Igbo Church in particular, and the African Churches in general. The study seeks to «marry» narrative-inculturation exegetical theological study with missiological and pastoral practice.
Contents: Inculturation theology of the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15 should serve as an inspiration for inculturated evangelisation in the local Churches today - Evangelisation and Conflict - Resolution of Faith-Culture Conflicts.