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Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy

A Paradigm in Motion

Robert Hutterer, Gerhard Pawlowsky, Peter F. Schmid and Reinhold Stipsits

The Third International Conference on Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy (ICCCEP) took place in autumn 1994 in Gmunden, Austria. The conference assembled participants of 25 countries and the program included more than 100 lectures, presentations, workshops and panel discussions. This book offers a representative selection of papers presented at the conference. It contains 48 articles covering theory, research and practical applications including clinical practice. The content of the articles comprehends client-centered psychotherapy with severe disturbances, therapeutic relationships, core conditions and techniques, process research, personality theory and analysis of demonstration interviews. The authors are experienced professionals and researchers from all over the world. The book is valuable for students, practitioners and researchers to gather information about new developments in the area of client-centered and experiential psychotherapy.
Contents: Theory, research and practical application of client-centered and experiential psychotherapy - Psychotherapy with severe disturbances, therapeutic relationships, process research, personality theory.