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God as Feminine

A Dialogue


Joseph Sebastian

This systematic theological study aims at bringing the Feminity of God into inter-religious dialogue between Hinduism and Christianity. Since the arena of Hindu traditions is very vast, a particular Hindu poet-bhakta Subramania Bharati (1882-1921), known for his theology of Sakti in Hinduism, is chosen. Through a close and scientific study of his writings the Hindu vision of divine feminine is established. Following that Christian vision of God as feminine is elaborately studied by analysing critically the important texts from the Bible, from the writings of the church fathers and mystics and particularly of the showings of Julian of Norwich. As the outcome of the dialogue between these two religions, the urgent need for an inclusive God-language in Christianity is proposed.
Contents: Hindu vision of divine feminine: Bharati's theology of Sakti - His portrayal of divine-human relationship - Christian vision of God as feminine: biblical, patristic and mystical traditions - Julian of Norwich's showings - Convergence and divergence of these two religious visions.