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António Vieira's Sermon against the Dutch Arms (1640)

A critical edition, with an introduction and a commentary by Frits Smulders

Frits Smulders

This is the first critical edition of António Vieira's Sermon against the Dutch (1640), one of his best and most famous pieces of writing. The discovery of nine new (apograph) manuscripts and the inclusion of early Spanish translations (which are related to the previously unpublished manuscripts) as well as of old and new Portuguese editions shed a new light on the history of his sermons and point the way to a different philological approach to the work of the renowned Jesuit.
The editor's introduction and commentary provide fresh insights into the language employed by Vieira and his use and interpretation of classical, historical, theological and literary sources. This edition is completed by a critical bibliography. It summarizes and adds to all previous philological research into Vieira's sermons and other work.