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Aeolian and Adhesion Morphodynamics and Phytoecology in Recent Coastal and Inland Sand and Snow Flats and Dunes from mainly North Sea and Baltic Sea to Mars and Venus

Volume 1: North Sea and Baltic Sea- Volume 2: Red River, Great Sand Dunes, Medano Creek, Planets and Satellites, and Index

Detlef Mader

The outline of the aeolian and adhesion morphodynamics and phytoecology in recent coastal and inland sand and snow flats and dunes includes examples from the North Sea coast (Netherlands, Germany and Denmark), Baltic Sea coast (Germany, Poland, Russia and Lithuania), snow flats on ice plates covering frozen inland lakes (Germany), Great Sand Dunes aeolian dune field and Medano Creek sand flat (Colorado/USA), Red River sand flat (Texas and Oklahoma/USA); and Mars, Venus, Titan, Triton and other bodies in the solar system of planets and satellites. The actual geological, geomorphological and physical geographical study of modern dune fields and fluvial or marine sand flats permits also the comparative palaeoenvironmental interpretation of ancient dune fields and sand flats in fluvial basins in Buntsandstein (Lower Triassic), Rotliegend (Lower Permian) and Keuper (Upper Triassic). Lists of References, Key Words and Illustrations. More than 10,000 References.
Contents: Sedimentary Geology and Geomorphology of Wind-Blown Sand - North Sea, Baltic Sea, Great Sand Dunes, Medano Creek, Red River, Mars and Venus - Reference List - Key Word Index.