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The Varieties of Understanding

English Philosophy since 1898

Nikolay Milkov

G.H. von Wright, G.E. Moore's and Wittgenstein's successor, and John Wisdom's predecessor as a Professor of Philosophy in Cambridge, wrote in 1993: «The history of the øanalytical! movement has not yet been written in full. With its increased diversification, it becomes pertinent to try to identify its most essential features and distinguish them from later additions which are alien to its origins.» In the same year A.J. Ayer's successor as a Wykeham Professor of Logic in Oxford, M. Dummett noted: «I hope that such a history will be written: it would be fascinating.» The task of this book is to fulfill these hopes. For it Sir P.F. Strawson noted: Milkov's «analysis of my own philosophical work which is to form part of his book on English philosophy in this thoroughly comprehensive and shows a good understanding and much sympathetic insight.»
Contents: The aim of the book is to reveal the 'deep grammar' of analytical philosophy as it was practised in England by its historically acting leaders: Moore, Russell, Wittgenstein, Wisdom, Ryle, Austin, Strawson and Dummett - The philosophy of each one of them is examined in a separate chapter - The method followed is exhaustive analysis of their texts.