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Africa, Philosophy and the Western Tradition

An Essay in Self-Understanding

Stephen Theron

This book examines the notion of an African philosophy, beginning with a critique of the assumptions behind this phrase and of the existing debate about «African philosophy». This leads to enquiry about the rise, establishment and maintenance of philosophy. Relations between consent to a theory of truth presupposed to philosophy and Western truth-claims in science, religion and human rights are studied. The relation of this to successful technology as vital for African development, but calling for the corresponding mental approach, is insisted upon. The book ends with stress on the central role of analogy in philosophical science and as a point of contact with African mythical tradition.
Contents: African philosophy, the idea and debate about it - Ethnicity and philosophy - How philosophy in fact arose, became established and was maintained - Truth, truth-claims and Western tradition - Human rights and truth - Technology and tradition - Analogy and myth.