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Central Europe after the Fall of the Iron Curtain

Geopolitical Perspectives, Spatial Patterns and Trends


Francis W. Carter, Peter Jordan and Violette Rey

Has a new post-socialist Central Europe emerged? This question is doubly significant at the end of the 20th century when related to that combination of events which have led to the geopolitical destruction/reconstruction of the European continent. When related to the discipline of geography a further, far more delicate and complex methodological step arises with the question of how to synthetically identify a macro-region. It is important to determine whether Central Europe is more than a zone of transition, a mere stride from Europe's current political and economic core. Moreover, it is significant to assess whether processes affecting this region are modified or transformed by regional factors; or whether one can even observe processes typical for this region which are absent from others. This book deals with Central Europe's geopolitical position, together with the transformation and migration processes occuring there and its effect on that area.
Contents: Francis W. Carter: Central Europe, Fact or Geographical Fiction? - Violette Rey: The New Central Europe: Waiting for Convergence? - Vladimir Kolossov: Geopolitical Scenarios for Eastern and Central Europe in a Post-bipolar World - Milan Bufon: Some Political-Geographical Problems of Transition in Central Europe: the Case of Slovenia - Mladen Klemencic: Croatia and Central Europe: Past and future Prospects - Antoni Kuklinski: Research Priorities in the Transformation of Central Europe - Petr Dostál / Martin Hampl: Transformation of East-Central Europe: General Principles under Differentiating Conditions - György Enyedi: New Regional Processes in Post-Socialist Central Europe - Elisabeth Lichtenberger: Geography of Transition in East-Central Europe: Society and Settlement Systems - Marie-Claude Maurel: Post-Collectivist Local Societies in Central Europe - René Verhoeff: The Transformation of International Tourism in Central Europe - Between State and Market - Lauren Eastwood: From Revolution to Dissolution: Recent Transitions of the Eastern European Environmental Movement - Alma Bianchetti: Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Problems and future Prospects for a Central European Border and Bridge Region in the Process of European Integration - Bronislaw Kortus: Spatial-Economic Transformations in Poland - Stephan Barisitz: Changes in Trade Patterns - The Case of Austria - Marek Kupiszewski: The Future of East-West Migration in Europe - Dusan Drbohlav: The Probable Future of European East-West International Migration - Selected Aspects - Judit Juhász / Zoltán Dövényi: Recent International Migration Trends in Hungary. Social and Geographical Aspects - Nadine Cattan / Claude Grasland / Stanislav Rehák: Migration Flows between the Czech and Slovak Republics - Which Forms of Transition?