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Medieval Dietetics

Food and Drink in "Regimen Sanitatis</I> Literature from 800 to 1400


Melitta Weiss Adamson

The book explores the connection between cooking and preventive medicine by centering on the food and drink section, cibus et potus, in 23 medieval Latin and German regimina sanitatis. A brief history of the four-humor theory and the six non-naturals is followed by the analysis of each regimen, including information on the text, the role of cibus et potus within the non-naturals, its contents (general guidelines on nutrition, dietetic lists of foodstuffs, and culinary recipes), use of the gradus-system, as well as sources and dependencies with other regimina. In the conclusion the results are arranged in chart-form; an appendix contains the transcription of a 15th-century German translation of Anthimus' «De observatione ciborum.»