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American Literature for Non-American-Readers

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on American Literature

Meta Grosman

What happens to American literary texts when they are read by non-American readers? The rise of cross-cultural reception studies has made this a significant question, and the present volume provides a rich set of answers. The essays also make clear cross-cultural readings are not to be regarded as less appropriate than American readings. They are simply readings driven by different pragmatic situations, involving readers with different expectations and first-hand knowledge of different realities. By exploring a variety of cultural reading experiences, this book lays a useful groundwork for teachers and scholars interested in the cross-cultural transmission of literary texts, especially American teachers abroad who wish to understand their students' responses.
Contents: American literature in a cross-cultural context - (Non)American readers «writing» (Un)American Literature - Multicultural perspectives on American literature: Chinese, Romanian, Czech, Croatian, Bulgarian, German, Italian, Slovene, Spanish and others.