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The Tasks of Truth

Essays on Karl Japers's Idea of the University

Gregory Walters

A growing number of books on educational «crisis» and university reform have appeared in recent years. Few of these works, however, substantively clarify the idea of the university as such. Karl Jaspers (1883-1969) published three different monographs with the title Die Idee der Universität in 1923, 1946 and 1961. His 1933 «Theses» on university rejuvenation were a direct response to Heidegger's Rectorial Address and the developing Nazi university constitution of the Land of Baden. The nine essays herein explore aspects of Jaspers's Universitätsidee in relation to his philosophical thinking as a whole, the thought of other philosophers, larger issues of history, and our contemporary educational situation. Contributors include Raymond Langley, Kurt Salamun, George B. Pepper, Charles Courtney, Gregory J. Walters, Arthur L. Kennedy, Hanna Buczynska-Garewicz, Timothy Fuller, and Stephen A. Erickson.
Contents: Jaspers's Three Critiques of the University (R. Langley) - The Concept of Liberality in Jaspers's Philosophy and the Idea of the University (K. Salamun) - Jaspers's Response to Modernity: Critical Reflection on Communication, Science, and Education (G. Pepper) - Existenz, The University, and Moral Education (C. Courtney) - Academic Freedom and the University Idea: Jaspers and Newmann Compared (G. Walters) - The University as a Constituting Agent of Culture (A. Kennedy) - Jaspers and University Self-Governance (H. Buczynska-Garewicz) - The University and the Experience of Transcendence (T. Fuller) - The University and the Spirit (S. Erickson).