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Article Usage in English

A Computer-based Self-teaching Programme on the Basis of a Functional Theory of Reference


Monika Klages-Kubitzki

Set within the larger context of research on computer-assisted language learning, the study concentrates on the development of a pragmatically oriented method of teaching article usage in English. Departing from Simon Dik's The Theory of Functional Grammar (1989), Part I presents the development of a functional theory of referencial processes. It results in the redefinition of the underlaying clause structure and the identification of a number of semantic operators, which serve to explain the reference of any particular noun phrase. On this basis, Part II presents the development and trial of a computer-based self-teaching programme on article usage in English.
Contents: Deixis - Fuctional grammar - Semantic operations - Specification vs. quantification - Generic predications - Error analysis - The authoring system coltec - Statistical evaluation.