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The Classical German Concept of the University and its Influence on Higher Education in the United States


Hermann Röhrs

This book attempts a critical assessment of the influence of the classical German concept of the university on the development of higher education (particularly universities) in the United States. The 9,000 or so young Americans studying at German universities in the 19th century were particularly impressed by the principle - and practice - of academic freedom. The largescale experiment they embarked upon is an example of the potential inherent in the intercultural transformation process and its effects on the development of personality and professional qualifications. A number of these students were later to become influential politicians, university presidents and professors playing an important role in initiating a broad educational reform process in the United States.
Contents: The Classical Idea of the German University - The Harvard Group - Motives and Objectives of the American Students - New Universities in America modelled on the German Concept.