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The Foundation of The Center for the Study of Language and Information

The dynamics of the writing of a proposal


Joop Schopman

In September 1983 a new «Center for the Study of Language and Information» started at Stanford University. This has become an established institution in the field of linguistics. It originated from a proposal presented to a Californian foundation by several scientists interested in computational linguistics. This book first describes how the writing group came into being, and then how the members of this group worked out in common a proposal which was successful. Their different institutional and disciplinary backgrounds forced them to negotiate. These interactions - with their dynamics - are the main topic of this study which is based on analyses of many preparatory texts and electronic mail exchanges, as well as on extensive interviews with almost all of the participants.
The Author: After studies in philosophy and physics, the author worked in several laboratories. These experiences aroused his interest in the relationships between science, technology and society. Since 1982 he has focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and the cognitive sciences. In 1993, after many years at the University of Utrecht, he became Visiting Professor at the University of Innsbruck, Austria as well as at Boston College, U.S.A. His main publications are in history and philosophy of science, and in AI.