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Mission in a Pluralist World


Aasulv Lande and Werner Ustorf

Definitely there is a growing need for greater regional co-operation in Mission Studies in an increasingly closer connected Europe. The Anglo-Nordic missiological conference at Birmingham 1994 emphasized the difference and distinctiveness of British and Scandinavian missiological traditions. However, it also strengthened the contact and the mutual understanding between these two missiological milieus in the North Sea area. Mission in a Pluralist World presents major contributions from that conference. Missiologists and exegetes, historians and educationalists offer a variety of descriptions of the missiological agenda in a world that is increasingly perceived as inter-connected, post-colonial and pluralist. The experiences of being connected and of plurality do not only relate to the fields of religion, history and culture, the methodology of academic inquiry as well is concerned, and, finally, theology as such. Whether the discipline of missiology ought to participate in this perception or not (both decisions having their respective consequences and problems), is one of the main themes of this volume.
Contents: Missiology - its field and methods - Missiology in Scandinavia and Britain - Mission history - Mission and western culture - Religious education in Britain - Letters of Max Warren - Exegesis and mission.