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The complete Medieval Dreambook

A Multilingual, Alphabetical «Somnia Danielis» Collation

Steven R. Fischer

A primary sourcebook of medieval imagery, the «Complete Medieval Dreambook» offers a remarkable collation of some twenty-six Latin, English, French and German dreambooks from the tenth to the sixteenth centuries. Each individual dream interpretation - Bear, Cannibalism, Coition, Earthquake, Moon, Nudity, etc. (a total of 403 topoi in all) - is here listed alphabetically for quick and easy reference. Prefacing the work is an exhaustively annotated introduction to ancient and medieval dreambooks and dreambook research, as well as to the multiple uses of this valuable and unique handbook of dream topoi: in addition to its significance as a primary tool in under- standing medieval imagery, the «Complete Medieval Dreambook» offers us as well a singular sourcebook of medieval psychology, a salient example of the «tertiary literature» of the Middle Ages, and, most importantly, an indispensable aid in interpreting medieval literary dreams.
Contents: Introduction (The Medieval Dreambook - Dreambook Biblio- graphy - Methodology and Operational Procedures - Collated Manuscripts and Incunabula of the «Somnia Danielis » - An Inventory of Dream- book Topoi) - The Complete Medieval Dreambook.