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The Balkans Divided: Nationalism, Minorities, and Security


Suphan Erkula

The monograph analyses the roots of some of the most significant ethnically-based (or ethnically-worded) conflicts in Europe, defines their participants' rationales, and answers the question of how they relate to the issue of European security. It is based on two case studies, former Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. Since the question of secession and self-determination is not that clearcut, the author analyses this ambiguity and examines the options. He discusses the impact of the Balkan crisis on international relations and attempts to go beyond regional security issues and to put the problem of Balkan security into a broader European perspective. This includes addressing the question as to whether NATO membership is the only solution to Eastern Europe's security concerns. In the last chapter the idea of a regional defense structure is analysed.
Contents: Historical roots of minorities and Nation States in the Balkans, notably Yugoslavia and Bulgaria - Minorities as basic flash points after the fall of communism - The temptation of self-determination - The conflicts in the Balkans and the international community - The minorities' issue in a security framework.