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Ad Faciendum Peregrinum

A Study of the Liturgical Elements in the Latin Peregrinus Plays in the Middle Ages


Robert G.A. Kurvers

The small group of Peregrinus plays contains a wealth of fascinating elements. They illustrate one of the initial stages of the development of medieval theatre, show the level of dramatic expression present in medieval liturgy and thus form an important part of the cultural history of Europe. The Peregrinus plays and liturgical drama in general can never be regarded as theatrical presentations in the true Aristotelian sense of the word. They are too deeply embedded in the liturgy itself and make use of too many liturgical texts, functions and furnishings for them to be defined as such. Therefore, regardless of the opinions voiced in the world of literature and drama, an extremely strong case can be made for the liturgical point of view, namely, that the Peregrinus plays and similar medieval liturgical celebrations could best be described as liturgical drama. The plays contain elements of both.
Contents: Liturgical Elements in Medieval Drama, in particular in the Peregrinus Plays - Analysis of texts and rubrics from a liturgical point of view.