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The Impact of Electronic Mail on Business Processes

And the Relevance of Proper English in This Context

Alexander Beer

Based on a variety of methods such as interviews, questionnaires, and corpus-based research, the book investigates the impact of electronic mail on several aspects of organizational behavior. These include, among other fields, e-mail marketing, customer relationship management, and hierarchical structures. Furthermore, the thesis presents research findings which show that diligence – or the lack thereof – can still win – or lose – contracts even in the age of electronic communication. The study deals exclusively with native-speaker communication to exclude any distortions deriving from non-native language problems and inaccuracies. Finally, mainstream e-mail guidelines are examined and compared to the way in which they are handled and perceived in real business life.
Contents: What impact does the rise of e-communication have on the way in which organizations are structured (e.g., hierarchy, flow of communication)? – How does the relevant literature (style guides, etc.) treat the composition of electronic mails and in what way does this treatment differ from ‘real life’? – What are the consequences - if any - of language errors and omissions on the volume and quality of business transactions?