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On Genetic Interests

Family, Ethny and Humanity in an Age of Mass Migration

Frank Kemp Salter

From the evolutionary perspective, individuals have a vital interest in the reproduction of their distinctive genes, yet genetic interests are overlooked by social and political theory. Genetic interests decrease in concentration from the family, to the ethnic group, and finally to the species as a whole. On Genetic Interests canvasses strategies and ethics for defending these genetic interests in a sustainable and universalizable manner, including thoughts on immigration, ecological carrying capacity, nationalism, secession, multiculturalism, humanism, regionalism, globalism, and elites. The value and hazards of altruism complicate all of these issues. Special interest groups are considered, such as those who are intermarried, of mixed descent, adopting, homosexual, or career women.
Contents: Genetic interests – Fitness – Ethnicity – Immigration – Nationalism – Multiculturalism – Globalism – Reproduction – Evolution – Ethics – Carrying capacity.