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Organisation and Management: Selected Topics

Joze Florjancic and Björn Paape

After different guest lectures the publication of the book «Organisation and Management» is the logical consequence of a «teamwork» which has been existing for two years between of the Institute of Economics and Didactics of Economics at Aachen University, the Europäisches Zentrum für Integrationsforschung (EZI) e.V., Aachen and the University of Maribor, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. This book is a collection of essays by different authors dealing with organisation and management. It is divided into three sections which include topics on human resources and education, informatics and organisation. The authors of this book are aware that these are only some sections that deal with this area. In spite of this we hope that these individual essays can be beneficial in influencing the ideas in real world situations, and furthermore developing each idea.
Contents: Jože Florjančič/Björn Paape: Preface – Jože Florjančič/Mojca Bernik/Igor Bernik: Personnel Planning – Jože Florjančič/Jože Jesenko/Barbka Rupar: The Role of Operative Management Cadre in a Company Development – Metod Černetič: Knowledge and Education - Between Market and Market of Manpower – Jurij Jug/Jana Bezenšek: Adult Education for Understanding Some Aspects of Experiencing Death – Goran Vukovič/Marko Ferjan: Educational Institutions: Between Image and Identity – Jože Florjančič/Vesna Novak: The Role of Motivational Factors in the Context of Business Quality Enhancement – Barbka Rupar/Marko Rupar: The Work of the Healthcare Team at the Centre for the Blind and Weak-Sighted in Škofja Loka – Robert Leskovar/Neja Zupan: Prior Explicit and Tacit Knowledge of First Year Students in Information Science – Borut Werber/Jože Zupančič: Adoption of Information Technology in Small Companies – Neja Zupan/Robert Leskovar: Electronic Commerce Expectations in Small Enterprises - Influence of Organisational Characteristics – Jože Florjančič/Mojca Bernik/Igor Bernik: Human Resource Information System Development – Miroljub Kljajić/Igor Bernik/Uroš Breskvar: Production Planning Using Simulation and Genetic Algorithms in Multi-Criteria Scheduling Optimization – Andrej Škraba/Miroljub Kljajić/Robert Leskovar: The Role of Simulation Scenario Testing in Group Decision Support System – Eva Jereb/Branislav Šmitek: Distance Education Supported By an Electronic Book – Manca Jesenko/Jože Jesenko: The Company Reputation – Jure Kovač: Organisation and Management in Networked Organizations – Polona Novak: Ethics and Market Research – Bojan Regvar/Marija Ovsenik/Barbka Rupar: Development of Competitiveness - A Paradigm for a Common Solution to Diverse Interests of the European Union – Zvone Balantič/Blaž Rodič: Dynamic Seating - A Modern Necessity – Alenka Papler/Robert Leskovar/Miroljub Kljajić: Design of Interactive Multicriteria Production Scheduling System – Drago Vuk/Marjan Senegačnik: The Role of Environmental Management – Dragica Smrke: Public Health in Slovenia in the Process of Accession to the European Union.