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The Classical Tradition in Czech Medieval Art

Translated from the Czech by Gerard Turner and Torquil Carlisle

Jan Bazant

In this volume, Jan Bažant analyses the tradition of ancient Greece and Rome in the art of Bohemia from the 10 th to the 14 th century. Bohemia is of great interest in this respect because it was never part of the Roman Empire and there was, consequently, no Roman tradition per se. The Classical Tradition in Czech Medieval Art is a scholarly book, the first monographic treatment on this subject: but it is not intended exclusively for art historians. Its unique appeal for the general reader is that it deals with current topical problems of the growth of culture and the relation between art, economics, politics and religion.
Contents: Czech rotundas and the Ottonian Renaissance – Czech echoes of the 12th Century Renaissance – The Znojmo rotunda and early Christian painting – Czech kings and the Holy Roman Empire – Emperor Charles IV and classical antiquity.