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The End of Suharto’s New Order in Indonesia


Resy Canonica-Walangitang

This book is about a systematic invested empiric analysis of Suharto’s dominion strategy in Indonesia during the years 1965-1998, in particular, the collapse of the authoritarian political order established by him. This «New Order» was subject to both internal and external structural change, which was ignored by the dominion order, and also, despite appropriate adaptation, was not to be dealt with.
Contents: The Suharto’s Political System: The Ideas and the Structures – The Suharto’s Balance of Power: The Pillars and the Troublemakers – The Collapse of Suharto’s System: The Challenges to the New Order’s Structures, the Dynamic of the Crisis, the Loosening of the Balance of Power, the Crisis of Ideas – The Process of Modernisation.