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Quality of Service Control in the Mobile Wireless Environment

Dang Hai Hoang

The convergence of the Internet and the multimedia communication will be expected in the next generation of mobile wireless networks. Supporting various applications with diverse traffic characteristics at an acceptable Quality of Service (QoS) is remaining a critical issue, especially in the mobile wireless environment. This book summarizes various networking technologies, architectures and mechanisms for QoS support. The author outlines the issues of QoS guarantees, presents key control mechanisms and enhanced techniques for QoS support and describes a general framework for QoS control mechanisms that can be used to evaluate and to develop mechanisms and architectures for providing QoS guarantees. This book gives a comprehensive view of key technologies, mechanisms and architectures and discusses various analytical techniques to help get the most out of network resources and to provide performance guarantees.
Contents: Issues of Providing Quality of Service in the mobile wireless environments – Key mechanisms and architectures for Quality of Service support.