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Njepu Amaka – Migration is Rewarding

A Sociocultural Anthropological Study of Global Economic Migration- White man’s magic, women trafficking, business and ethnicity among the Igbo of Eastern Nigeria


Eloka Nwolisa Okanga

This sociocultural anthropological study of Njepu Amaka – migration is rewarding explores this famous Igbo expression in order to assess migratory propensity. This expression was originally attributed to Nwamkpi (a he-goat) who is the lecherous exponent of the advantages of Njepu Amaka. This book is the first original work on Njepu Amaka as an expression, which makes it possible for Igbo (Nigerian) global economic migration to be understood and appreciated. In this book, Njepu Amaka highlights the various patterns explored by Igbo people (Nigerians) as contemporary participants in global economic migration. It also studies trafficking of Nigerian women that has played a significant role in Njepu in contemporary global economic migration. The author sees Njepu Amaka as the true expression through which we can conceptualise the historical matrix of Igbo (Nigerian) global economic migrations.
Contents: Pre-Colonial Migrations – Colonial and Post-Colonial Migrations – Opposing Ethnicities in Nigeria – Nigeria, Igbo-Field: From Njepu Amaka to Checkout – Belgium: The Discovery and Eclipse of Tokunbo.