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Urbanism and Globalization


Frank Eckardt and Dieter Hassenpflug

This book intends to expand our knowledge on the complex relationship between the globalizing city and the localizing world. The volume takes the stance that the conceptualization of urban life under global conditions can only be reflected from multiple points of departure. The book is meant to confront certain aspects of urban discourse and to point out differences and commonalities of the included case studies from all over the world. It seeks to explore different approaches to urbanism and globalization themes like city networks, urban politics and planning, architecture, spatial development sociology, and migration. Basic lines of discourse, their positions and critical contributions are integrated to engage the reader in the differences between various analyses of local life in times of globalization.
Contents: Dieter Hassenpflug: Germany, Weimar and the Bauhaus: A Micro-Analysis of Globalization – Frank Eckardt: Urbanism and Globalization: Introduction – Peter Hall: European cities in a global world – Olga Mrinska: Ukrainian Cities as a Gateway to the Global Innovative Economy – Mark Jayne: Globalization and third-tier cities: the European experience – Peter Marcuse: The Dark Side of Really Existing Globalization – Margarida Marques/Rui Santos: Welfare and Immigrants’ Inclusion in a Context of Weak Civil Society: Associations and local politics in Oeiras (Lisbon) – Lionel Arnaud/Gilles Pinson: Shaping the identity and mobilising the «ethnic capital» in three European cities – Leeke Reinders: Baby Bronks: Place and Identity in a Parisian Banlieue – Tuomas Martikainen: The houses of foreign gods – John Eade: Living the globalising city: globalisation in the context of European urban development – Jana Temelová/Hedvika Hrychová: Globalisation, Eyes and Urban Space: Visual Perception of Globalising Prague – Carl Fingerhuth: Learning from «CHINA» or Urban design beyond modern time – Paul Kennedy: Linking the local and the global: transnational architects in a globalizing world – Alexander Tölle: Large-Scale Urban Waterfront Developments as an Integral Part of the Metropolitan Transformation Process: Case Studies from Lyon, Hamburg, and Gdańsk – Monika de Frantz: The ‘new’ Berlin: multiple spatial conceptions of the capital city in the ‘Palast der Republik’/‘Stadtschloss’ debate – Marco Bontje: Towards a sustainable post-suburbia? The sustainability of new economic centres in European metropolitan regions – Luiza Bialasiewicz: A society to match the scenery: ordering the spaces of the Veneto città diffusa – Alexander Horstmann: City of Angels? Lives and Struggles of Migrants in Bangkok – Karine Dupré: Globalisation and Urbanism: the case of a European peripheral region, Guadeloupe.