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Human Rights in Transition

John McEldowney and Günter Weick

The book consists of a thorough introduction and 12 essays specially written for a joint conference of British and German scholars held at the University of Warwick (U.K.) in 2000. The papers draw on the German and British experience of human rights in the development of law. From an English perspective the conference and the collection of essays coincide with the coming into force of the Human Rights Act in October 2000, a defining moment in English legal history. The German contributions address the question of human rights in a broader European context as well as on the background of half a century’s experience with human rights in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany and the jurisdiction of the Federal Constitutional Court which had a significant impact on various fields of law.
Contents: John McEldowney: Human Rights in Transition: The Human Rights Act 1998 – Graham Moffat: Charity, Politics and the Human Rights Act 1998: Much Ado about Nothing? – Dallal Stevens: Asylum Law in the UK: New Beginnings or a False Dawn? – Samantha Halliday: A comparative analysis of some of the legal parameters of the right to life and the right to privacy in the regulation of abortion – Alan C. Neal: Fundamental Social Rights in the European Union: «Floor of Rights» or «Drift to the Bottom»? – Rhiannon Talbot: Draconian Powers, Experimentation and Human Rights in British Counter-terrorism Legislation – Jan Schapp: Problems of Universal Validity of Human Rights – Thomas Groß: Immigration and Asylum Law under European Influence – Günter Heine: Civil Liberties and EUROPOL: Towards a European Police Office Empowered to Operational Matters? – Günter Weick: Human Rights and Private International Law – Raimund Waltermann: Human Rights and Civil Liberties in European and in German Social Security Law – Martina Schulz: Recovery of Damages for Non-pecuniary Loss - a Consequence of Human Rights in the Law of Torts?