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Technology Education

International Concepts and Perspectives

Gabriele Graube, Michael J Dyrenfurth and Walter E. Theuerkauf

The development and implementation of technology education is being pursued worldwide – not only in the industrialized nations but also in developing countries. Understanding of the goals of technology education for general education differentiates national as well as international approaches. This publication seeks to highlight the distinguishing disciplinary and pedagogical theories involved with technology education with the goal of providing direction for the evolving of nationally applicable standards. Furthermore, nationally prominent authors from various countries share their experiences with and insights derived from their respective nations’ development, adaptation, and implementation of technology education. Through this, the book seeks to contribute to the practice of technology education worldwide.
Contents: Gabriele Graube/Michael J. Dyrenfurth/Walter E. Theuerkauf: Preface – Gabriele Graube/Michael J. Dyrenfurth/Walter E. Theuerkauf: Introduction – Peter Meyer-Dohm: Technology Education and its Importance for Society – Michael Hacker: The Politics of the Technology Education Reform – Michael J. Dyrenfurth/Walter E. Theuerkauf/Gabriele Graube: Industry Needs and their Relationship to Technological Education – Scott D. Johnson: A Model for Enhancing Thinking and Learning Through Technology Education – Manfred Lutherdt/Bernd Hill: Structuring Innovation-Orientated Approaches to Teaching Technology – Rolf Oberliesen/Jörg Schudy: Work Orientation - Concept of Technology Education in Germany – Felix Rauner: Modern Professionality and Knowledge of the Working Process - Implications for vocational training and general education – Gabriele Graube/Walter E. Theuerkauf: Information in Technical Processes and their Significance in Real live Context – Thomas T. Liao: Engineering-Based Paradigm for K-12 Technology Education – Michael J. Dyrenfurth: Technology Education for Developing Nations – P. John Williams: Technology Education in Australia – Francisca Elton: Technology Education - A new Subject for the Chilean School Curriculum – Rudolf Pfeifer: Basic Technology and Work Education in China - Situation and Trends – Richard Kimbell: Critical Concepts Underpinning the Design and Technology Curriculum in England – Jari Lavonen/Ossi Autio: Technology Education in Finland – Joël Lebeaume: Overview on the French School System – Olaf Czech: Technology Education in Brandenburg, Germany – Moshe Barak/Arley Tamir: Technology Education in Israel - Aiming to Develop Intellectual Abilities and Skills via Technology Studies – Marc De Vries: Technology Education in The Netherlands – Magareta Pavlova: Technology Education in Russia and the Process of Modernisation – Michael J. Kahn/K. Mathews Mphahlele/John D. Volmink: Modernizing the Curriculum - the Politics of Technology Education in South Africa – William E. Dugger, Jr.: ITEA’s Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology – Gabriele Graube: Design in the Acting Field «Building and Dwelling» – Anne Marie Hill: Secondary School Technology Eduction in Canada – Martin Fischer/Franz Stuber: Work Process Knowledge in Technology Education – Peter Eyerer/Bernd Hefer/Dörthe Krause: Interfacing between Schools, Universities and Industry by Project Work - The Education Model TheoPrax – Gabriele Graube/Walter E. Theuerkauf: Technology Education - Concepts and Possible Prospects.