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Resources in our day-to-day life


Carsten Drebenstedt and Peter Kausch

Each human being in Germany needs more than 1000 t of mineral resources in theirÿhuman being in Germany needs more than 1000 t of mineral resources inÿtheir lifetime (1.6 kg per hour) to cover their basic daily needs for housing, food, energy, communication or transport. Our industrial world lives with and off natural resources. High-tech products, such as computers, are no exception. People assume that the market will supply all the products they requireÿin in sufficient quantities and the quality they need, at low prices, when andÿand when and where they need them. Consumption will grow in line with the population and standards of living. The solution lies in produce with less material and energy but better final properties, or in renewable and recyclable resources. We must focus more on resources, water and soil, which form the basis of our daily lives.
Contents: Reinhardt Schmidt: Welcoming - Resources in our day-to-day life – Karel Schweng: Natural gas - today and tomorrow – Hans Bodo Lüngen/Volker Ritz: Iron ores and coke supplies for the German steel industry – Michael Wagner: Copper and other Base Metals – Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach: The World of Precious Metals – Gerhard Walter: Hydrogen for fuel cells – Broder Merkel: Water – Arne Cröll: Semiconductors – Carsten Drebenstedt: Resource - top soil – André Knipfer: The daily encounter with raw materials – Peter Kausch: Résumé.