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Accessibility and Quality of Health Services

Proceedings of the 28 th Meeting of the European Working Group on Operational Research Applied to Health Services (ORAHS), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), July 28 th - August 2 nd , 2002

Mario Jorge Ferreira De Oliveira

Accessibility and quality of health services is the subject of the 28 th international conference of the EURO working group on Operational Research Applied to Health Services (ORAHS). The objectives of the group are exchanging ideas, information and know-how concerning the application of OR approaches and methods. The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro hosted the 2002 meeting in Brazil. The conference incorporated ten sessions on quality health care, emergency services, health care evaluation, scheduling personnel, location of health units, performance assessment, decision support systems, admission systems, information systems and performance measurements. A selection of 20 of the 37 papers presented at the sessions is enclosed in this book.
Contents: Duncan P. Boldy/Shu-Chiung Chou/Andy H. Lee: Quality in Residential Aged Care: the Residents’ Perspectives – Marten Lagergren: A Simulation Model Concerning Future Needs of Long-Term Care of Elderly Persons in Sweden – Vanda De Angelis/Giovanni Felici/Giovanni Storchi: Planning the Emergency Ambulance Service in the City of Rome by a Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model – Lupe N.P. Toscano/Mario J. Ferreira De Oliveira: An Emergency Decision Support Tool Based Upon Quality of Care Parameters – Luiz R.T.A. Costa/Rogério A.C. Penna/Sérgio L. Hoeflich: Towards an Integrated Approach to Improve the Emergency Admission System – Martin Dlouhý: Investment Policy in the Health System of the Czech Republic from the International Perspective – Maria H. Brachowicz/Jaime G. Bellido/Cesar das Neves: Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Sanitation Projects Using the Daly Index – Marcos P.E. Lins/Antonio C. Gonçalves/Eliane G. Gomes/Angela C.M. da Silva: Performance Assessment of Dental Clinics through PC-Oriented Data Envelopment Analysis – Santiago S.R. Carvajal/Maria Brachowicz/Jaime G. Bellido/Cesar das Neves: A Multivariate Analysis of Fecal-Oral Diseases in Rio de Janeiro – Marco A. Lavrador/Fátima M.H.S.P. Oliveira/Mario J.F. de Oliveira: Modeling The Dynamics of Intensive Care Unit of a Public Hospital as a Renewal Process – Rafael M. Gênova/Rosimary T. Almeida/Maria Inês Gadelha: Linear Programming Models to Support Resource Allocation: The Case of Breast Cancer Chemotherapy – Antônio A. Gonçalves/Mario J.F. De Oliveira: The Use of Simulation to Improve Cancer Treatment Access – Jaime G. Bellido/Mario J.F. De Oliveira: A Simulation Model for Short-term Forecasts of the Surgical Ward Census – Jan M.H. Vissers: Policies for Emergency Reservation and Electives Scheduling in a Hospital Setting – Ludmila Gabcan/Mario J.F. De Oliveira: 3D Visual Simulation Applied to a New Thorax Disease Institute – Adriana B. Moraes/Mario J.F. De Oliveira/Sheila M. Esposito/Simone M. Bordalo: A Multi-user Simulation of a Hospital Queue – Kevin J. Leonard/Warren Winkelman: Developing Electronic Patient Records: Employing Interactive Methods to Ensure Patient Involvement – Roberto M. Protil/ Luiz C. Duclós/Vilmar R. Moreira: Logistics Information Systems in Hospitals: A Case Study in Brazil – Fátima M.H.S.P. da Silva/Antônio C. Silva Filho/Marco A.S. Lavrador/Vera R.F.S. Marães/Maria S.A. Moura/Ester da Silva/Aparecida M. Catai/Benedito C. Maciel/Lourenço Gallo Jr.: Characterization of Anaerobic Threshold in Dynamical Physical Exercise of Healthy Men – Leila Gomes/Paulo R.T. Dalcol: Clinical Engineering as a Source of Input Values to The Management Equation Methodology.