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The Missing Link

Evolution, Reality and the Translation Paradigm


Michèle Cooke

The Missing Link identified by Michèle Kaiser-Cooke explains the fundamental translatability of the world. Based on Darwin’s theory of evolution, a link is established between various human interpretations of reality, as manifested in cultures, languages and disciplines. These different constructions of reality are essentially commensurable and therefore also translatable because of the common experience of the conditio humana. The only limits to translatability, whether between cultures, languages or disciplines, are set by the limits of human communication. By clearly defining the translation paradigm, the author makes it possible to explain the commensurability of all languages within the concept of the indissoluble unity of theory and practice.
Contents: Evolution – Reality – Translation paradigm – Negotiation of reference – Commensurability – Objective relativity – Link between theory, practice and learning.