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Misogynism in Literature

Any Place, Any Time

Britta Zangen

Thirteen scholars from ten different national backgrounds offer their diverse commentaries on misogynism in literature. The diversity is intentional as it shows how much misogyny has been able to permeate centuries and literatures, but it also shows that those trying to resist it are just as cosmopolitan. The collection discloses the negative sameness of different peoples and cultures in their misogyny found in such celebrated authors as Boccaccio, Byron, Chaucer, Gallegos, Gide, D.H. Lawrence, Melville, Mungan, Pushkin, Salih, Shakespeare, and Swift.
Contents: Roberta Ricci: Sex? Love? No, Let’s Talk About Marriage: Back to Reality with Boccaccio’s Onesta Brigata (X, 10) – Britta Zangen: Women in Chaucer’s Male Universe: Literary Critics Coping with Misogynism – Ya-huei Lin: The Women Who Disappear on the Shakespearean Stage: As You Like It, The Taming of the Shrew, and the Misogynic Poetics of Deduction – Alison Winch: «The nymph grown Furious, roar’d»: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s Response to Jonathan Swift’s «The Lady’s Dressing Room» – Cynthia Burkhead: Lord Byron and the «She» that Is «Darkness» – Maria Mikolchak: Misogyny in Alexander Pushkin: Rescuing the Russian Fairy Tale – Jennifer M. Wing: Defining Women in Moby Dick – Marco Longo: Misogyny in André Gide’s Early pièces: Woman and Antidotes – Melanie E. Collado: How Dare They Write?: Early Twentieth-Century Literary Critics and French Women Writers – Suzette A. Henke: Women in Love or Women in Trouble?: Misogyny in D.H. Lawrence’s Masterpiece – Jorge J. Barrueto: The Othering of Women in the Twentieth-Century Latin American Canon: Misogyny in Rómulo Gallegos’ Doña Bárbara – Rached Khalifa: Sexual Allegories in Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih: Liberation or Misogyny? – Arda Arikan: On Turkish High Heels: Murathan Mungan’s Misogynism Sells.