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Cooperation and Conflict Management in Central Asia


Reimund Seidelmann and Ernst Giese

The newly independent states in Central Asia face development, transformation and regionalization challenges. These include the definition of their domestic and foreign national politics, the build-up of peaceful regional cooperation and the management of the Islamic fundamentalism, sustainable socio-economic development and the rehabilitation of the environment – in particular water resources. Apart from country studies the volume presents results from two collaborative research projects on Central Asia regarding water resources and political developments. It combines views from politicians and scientists both from Central Asia and Germany towards these matters and gives an overview about the most pressing problems as well as ideas for their solution in the Central Asian region.
Contents: Reimund Seidelmann: Regional Peace, Security and Conflict Management: the European Experience – Panos Tsaloyannis: The European Union and Regional Stability: the Case of the Balkans – F. Peter Wagner: Political Transformation in Newly Established Nation/al States: the Case of Eastern Europe – Murodilla Haydarov: The Soviet Policy of Border Delimitation in Central Asia as a Destabilising Factor: a Historical Overview – Alexei Trouchine: Development in Central Asia – Khurshid Inomjonov: Uzbekistan’s Foreign and Security Policy in Its First Years of Sovereignity – Ainura Asakeeva: Political Development and the Foreign Policy of Kyrgyzstan – Elisabeth Richter: The Political Development of Kazakhstan and Its Foreign and Security Policy – Heiko Schmidt/Joachim Langbein: Turkmenistan - Nation Building and Economic Development since Independence – Franz Wennberg: The Centralization of Power in Post-Soviet Tajikistan – Dörthe List: Conflict and Cooperation in Central Asia: General Patterns and Dynamics – Sagdullaev Djakhangir: Energy and Economic Cooperation in Central Asia – Fakhmiddin Fazilov: Economic Cooperation in Central Asia within the CAC – Aybek Isaev: Economic Diplomacy and Regional Cooperation – Azamat Nurmatov: Religious Fundamentalism and Regional Security – Zakhidulla Munavvarov: The Clash of Radical and Traditional Islam as a Threat to the National Security of the Republic of Uzbekistan: the Case of «Hizb At-Tahrir Al-Islami» Activity – Ernst Giese: Water Shortage, Water Conflicts and Water Management in Dry Areas of Central Asia (East and West-Turkestan) – Dyushen M. Mamatkanov: The Threat of Conflicts about the Interstate Use of Transboundary Water Resources in Central Asia – Malik J. Burlibaev: Causes and Risks of the Pollution of Transboundary Rivers of Kazakhstan – Ravshan M. Alimov: Conflicts over Water Resources in Central Asia: a View from Uzbekistan – Xu Bin: China and Central Asia: a New Dimension of Partnership – Sergey Golunov: The Role of Russia in Central Asia: Realities and Stereotypes – Philipp Borinski: The Us and Central Asia – Firouzeh Nahavandi: The European Union and Central Asia – Kirsten Westphal: Central Asia and the Security of European Energy Supply – Orozbek A. Moldaliev: Security in Central Asia under the Conditions of Globalisation – Jenniver Sehring: The Role of International Organisations in Fostering Regional Cooperation on Water Management – Daojiong Zha: The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation – Anna Kreikemeyer: Comprehensive Security for Central Asia - a Challenge for the OSCE.