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Speaking from the Margin

Global English from a European Perspective


Anna Duszak and Urszula Okulska

The papers in this volume analyze the language situation under globalization in several European countries. How does the spread of Global English affect the integrity of the local systems? Changes in lexical and discursive repertories are evidenced and discussed. It is shown how new social identities are linguistically constructed and redefined in the social consciousness of the various local communities. The authors see globalization as a major change-in-progress that sets in relief the dual capacity of language: communication and identification. The collection reconciles empirical data analysis with profound attention to a host of theoretical issues, such as a new ecology for language under globalization or a new interdiscursivity of globalizing communications. It is argued that globalization-as-recontextualization of meanings poses a serious challenge for a new science of language. The spatial imagery of center-margin is chosen to expound on the complex interaction between the global and the local. The concept of a glocal view on language affords a new perspective for coping with massive linguistic change.
Contents: Anna Duszak/Urszula Okulska: Introduction. Globalisation and linguistics: Some issues and problems – John E. Joseph: Linguistic identity and the limits of global English – Peter Trudgill: Glocalisation and the Ausbau sociolinguistics of modern Europe – Jan Renkema: Towers of Babel. A conceptual, experimental and speculative contribution to the globalisation debate – Camiel Hamans: From rapo to lullo. About an informal internationalese – Elizabeth J. Erling: English as the language of the European academic community: Questions from the Freie Universität Berlin – Małgorzata Sokół: Towards an identity of an academic virtual community: A discourse community approach – Tomasz P. Krzeszowski: Metaphors of discourse: Between co-operative and oppositional discourses – Anna Duszak: Globalisation as interdiscursivity: On the spread of global intertexts – Elżbieta Wąsik/Zdzisław Wąsik: ‘Ecological grammar’ of communicative linkages: Between bioinvasion and cultural transmission in the globalised world – Jolanta Kozak: Between catachresis and tautology. Multilingual discourses in translation – František Daneš: European languages in the present-day flood of English: The case of Czech – Ásta Svavarsdóttir: English borrowings in spoken and written Icelandic – Elżbieta Mańczak-Wohlfeld: Does the spread of English constitute a threat to Polish? – Anatolij Dorodnych/Valentyna Rekalo: Globalisation and the language situation in Ukraine – Harriet Sharp: Globalisation and hybridization: Report from a corpus study of Swenglish – Małgorzata Fabiszak: Globalisation in the kindergarten. The construction of national identity and the language of children’s magazines – Agnieszka Kiełkiewicz-Janowiak/Joanna Pawelczyk: Globalisation and customer service communication at Polish call centres – Urszula Okulska: Globalisation on the Polish radio: The case of political interviews – Marta Dąbrowska: English and its impact on electronic media communication – Tomasz Konik: Recommendations in the discourse of macroeconomic forecasting: A case study in discourse and Globalisation.