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Military Ethics in Professional Military Education – Revisited


Edwin R. Micewski and Hubert Annen

The evolving nature of armed conflict, characterized by a new emphasis on crisis management and peace support, is bringing morality to the forefront of military leadership. The challenges of today’s military operations place a new imperative upon Professional Military Education (PME) to maximize the quality of instruction on ethics in terms of both content and effectiveness. This volume presents the refined proceedings of two conferences of the European Forum on Military Pedagogy dealing with ethical issues of teaching and learning in PME. It explores the philosophical and scientific aspects of current ethical questions, as well as the historical, psychological, and technological dimensions of education in ethics. Further attention is given to ethical and educational implications of asymmetric conflict and warfare.
Contents: Edwin R. Micewski: On the Philosophical Framework for the Ethical Debate in Professional Military Education – Wolfgang Royl: Military Pedagogy and the Concept of Leadership Development and Civic Education – Outi Kallioinen: Ethical Dimension in Teaching and Learning – Jarmo Toiskallio: Military Ethics and the Techno-culture of the Information Age – Amira Raviv: Teaching Values for Military Professionals – Simon P. Gutknecht: The Influence of Social and Cognitive Skills in Choosing Professional Military Officers – Guenther Fleck: Teaching Ethics: A Psychological Perspective – Jarmo Toiskallio: Individuals, Ethics, and Military Pedagogy – Peter A. Mattsson: Network Centric Warfare - An Analysis of Some Pedagogical Implications – Rainer P. Born: Creating Sensibility in Applied Ethics – Hubert Annen: Action Research 1:1 Exemplified by the Project «Support-oriented Appraisal» – Jürgen Oelkers: German Pedagogy and the Question of Military Education in the 20th Century – David L. Perry: How Ethics is Taught at the U.S. Army War College – Andreas Kastberger: Experiences with Ethics Education in the Non-commissioned Officer’s Academy of the Austrian Armed Forces – Hermann Jung: Preparing for Asymmetry - Joint Visions 2010 and 2020 - An Organizational Learning Perspective – Wolfgang Royl: Moral Balance in the Face of Asymmetric Warfare – Edwin R. Micewski: Ethical, Political, and Military Implications of Asymmetric Conflict and Warfare.