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The Functional Prerequisites Generic to the Inception and Institutionalization of Positivistic Sociological Epistemology

Investigation and Interpretation


Paul Hochstim

Primarily an essay in the Sociology of Knowledge, the major thrust of the discussion focuses upon the interaction of cultural, social structural, and social-psychological elements encouraging the shared perception pertaining to the feasibility of interpreting social behavior and the operation of a social system through the application of a positivistic point of departure.
Contents: The Sociology of Knowledge as Related to the Development of the Positivistic Sociological Orientation - The Insufficiency of the Natural Science Positivist Tradition - The Inadequacy of the Transmission of Sociological Thought - The Incompleteness of Diffused Social and Cultural Thought - The Limitation of Recurrent Social Disorganization - Interpersonal Disorganization and Structural Differentiation.