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The Siberian Saga

A History of Russia’s Wild East

Eva-Maria Stolberg

The immense size and natural resources of Siberia, and its crucial geopolitical position in Eurasian history, assure it a prominent place in the interests and concerns of Russia and the other powers of Northeast Asia and the Pacific Rim. The central issue of Siberian history is: What were the essential social, political and cultural factors which contributed to the emergence of Siberia as a «crossroads of civilizations» between Europe and Asia? The book examines the expansion of the Siberian frontier since the sixteenth century by highlighting the role of individuals and state institutions in the colonizing process that made Siberia similar to legendary America’s Wild West.
Contents: Eva-Maria Stolberg: The Genre of Frontiers and Borderlands: Siberia as a Case Study – David N. Collins: The Altai: Fortified Resource Frontier on the Marches of Tsarist Russia – Susi K. Frank: Aleksandr Radishchev’s Interpretation of Shamanism in the Russian and European Context – Dieter Stern: Myths and Facts about the Kiakhta Trade Pidgin – Andrew A. Gentes: Katorga: Penal Labor and Tsarist Siberia – Peter L. Roudik: From the Legal Custom to the Court of Law: Specifics of the Judicial Reform Implementation in Siberia – A.A. Khramkov: Stolypin’s Reforms in Siberia – V.A. Lamin: The «Moving Frontier»: The Trans-Siberian Railroad – Brigitta M. Ingemanson: Vladivostok - Russia’s Frontier Town on the Pacific – Thomas M. Barrett: «Thrills of Horror»: Siberia and the American Melodramatic Imagination – Eva Maeder: From Old Believer to New Man: The Role of Folklore in the Sovietization of Transbaikalian Villages – David Shearer: Mastering the Soviet Frontier: Western Siberia in the 1930s – John McCannon: «The Pole is Ours!» The Dilemmas of Exploration, Development and Science in Arctic Siberia during the 1930s – Jonathan A. Bone: The Soviet Far East and the First Five Year Plan – Johannes Grützmacher: «Young Men go East!» The BAM Frontier under Brezhnev – Tamara G. Troyakova: Regionalism and Federalism: The Political and Economic Development of the Russian Far East under Yeltsin und Putin.