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Social Justice and Democracy

The Relevance of Rawl’s Conception of Justice in Africa


Basile Ekanga

The author proceeds from empirical basis to show how far the two Rawls’s principles of justice can be implemented in Africa. Positions not only of Rawls but also of other philosophers are presented, reconstructed and commented. They are also opposed with critiques and other theories, so that the appropriate position for Africa can be explained. The author comes to the conclusion that the fundamental liberties are still in the making in Africa. A long colonial past and Apartheid have deprived Africa from its blossoming. However, a groping democracy of full hope is pointing ahead. So that freedom and democracy gain more room the author suggests the establishment of federalism based on ethnic groups. To speak of democracy and freedom without a substantial economic support seems illusive. In order to improve the lot of the least advantaged the author proposes betterment of education and health.
Contents: The Meaning of Social Justice and Democracy – The Relevance of Rawl’s Principles of Justice in Africa – The African Way of Social Justice or Rawls Reconsidered.