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On the Relationships between Translation Theory and Translation Practice


Jean Peeters

Contents: Jean Peeters: Foreword – Ernst-August Gutt: On the Impossibility of Practising Translation without Theory – Brian Mossop: What Practitioners Can Bring to Theory? - The Good and the Bad – Monika Krein-Kühle: Methodology: the Missing Link between the Theoretical/Descriptive and Applied Branches of Translation Studies – Marcel Thelen: Theory and Practice in Translation: Co-operation or Mere Co-existence? – Gerd Wotjak: Le traducteur à la recherche du sens communicatif de l’original – Miroslava Sládková: Le sens et la traduction – Marta Villacampa Bueno: Teorías sociolingüísticas y traducción de la oralidad – Nelly Chachibaia: On the Mechanism of Probability Prediction in Simultaneous Interpreting – Adriana Şerban: Audience Design in Translation: Theory and Practice – María Mercedes Enríquez Aranda: Consideraciones teóricas y practicas sobre la recepción en la traducción – Darja Hribar: Rewriting the Dramatic Convention of the Theatre of the Absurd in Slovene Translation – Margarida Vale de Gato: Literary Theory and Translation Practice: Poe’s ‘The Raven’ as a Case in Point – Anna-Marjatta Milsom: A Positive Multi-Directional Approach to ‘Difficulty’: Translating the Afro-Cuban Stories of Lydia Cabrera – Marisa Presas: Contributions de la psychologie cognitive à l’explication de la compétence de traduction – Susana Cruces Colado: Théories de la traduction et théories de l’apprentissage – Åse Johnsen: Diferencias en el proceso de traducción entre traductores expertos e inexpertos – Claude Tatilon: Pédagogie de la traduction: l’intention traduisante – Georges L. Bastin/Miguel Betancourt: Les avatars de la créativité chez les traducteurs débutants – Ana Luna Alonso: La qualité en traduction: contexte professionnel et contexte pédagogique – Christina Schäffner: Preparing Students of Translation for the Real World: Needs, Methods, Constraints – Albrecht Neubert: Theory and Practice in Translation Teaching: Looking back on Forty Years of Good and Bad Experiences.